Monday, April 6, 2009

Richard Goodall closing show

The Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester UK has a closing show of my work and there are going to be Burlesque people there...sometimes I wish I made a bigger effort to leave my house and go see some of these shows. I think it would be fun to meet Fanny Divine as she might let me examine her corset.

Ray Caesar Burlesque Event April 21st

To end the current Ray Caesar exhibition at Richard Goodall Gallery we are holding a very special one night only event.

Three of the finest performers and stars of Burlesque Fanny Divine, Lola Pops and Daison Merriere.

The girls will be modelling outfits based on Ray Caesar’s images, presented by Kiku, the Manchester corsetry boutique.

You can see Fanny Divine Below in front of Ray’s Side Sadlle image.

The event is strictly RSVP Invite only and you can get on the list by mailing the gallery at RSVP @

Fanny Divine with Ray Caesar's Side Saddle

Fanny Divine with Ray Caesar's Side Saddle

This series of new works consist the largest pieces to date by Caesar. The oversize pieces transport us to the weird and wonderful world inhabited by Caesar’s impossible creations. Intricate and engrossing, disturbing yet beautiful.

Also on view will be the final pieces of Caesar’s previous works, exclusively available from the gallery. His work is highly sought after and is in the collections of many famous collectors and institutions.

The event is proudly supported by Kiku, Barefoot Wine, and Vitamin Water