Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Five Year Anniversary Group Exhibition

Featuring work by 40 Artists

February 27th—March 27th, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 27th, 7pm—9pm

NEW YORK, NY (January 26, 2010) — Jonathan LeVine Gallery will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a commemorative group exhibition featuring exceptional and exemplary new works by forty artists
who are either currently represented by the gallery or who have exhibited at the gallery in the past five years. The exhibition will be on view from February 27—March 27, 2010, and there will be an opening reception on Saturday, February 27, from 7—9pm.

I will have some new work in this show
and Returns of The Day


  1. Just discovered your work a couple of hours ago, fantastic stuff, I love the feel of them and they go perfectly with the background music on your website. I started out trying to use Maya for self expression and manifesting the images in my mind about 8 years ago, somewhere along the way I got lost into commercial stuff, lost interest and quit. Thank you for showing it was at least possible, not that the tool was the crucial element of it. I can imagine the time involved in making just one image makes it impractical, especially with paws and no opposable thumbs, but seeing a dark and surreal short film based on these otherworldy images would be amazing.

  2. Hi Ray!
    Your paintings are stunning, I find myself staring into them for long stretches, lost. I just ordered your book and look forward to being lost again soon.
    All the very best,

  3. Wonderful light and tones...
    Lucky girls...

  4. Great works of art and great music! I eagerly want to know what is the background music on Ray Caesar's website and who perfoms it!!!