Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alex Box International Make up Artist of such Publications of Vogue…cites Ray Caesar

Gallery House artist Ray Caesar image is featured in Fashion Monitor Magazine.
… Alex Box cites artist Ray Caesar as one of her biggest influences, he produces paintings that look like 3D models and attempts to create a fantasy world, “I’ve always looked more to artists and illustrators as they have far less limitations than make-up artists”.
In fact, her career in fashion came about when she was working as an installation artist, which included body art. She would make clothes out of latex and her models were dancers and performers so there was a great focus on the way the materials moved with their bodies. She also worked on a performance with artist Malcolm Pate, which used sound, vision and scent on stage and admits a fondness for the full sensory experience is key in her artistic vision, “I think of myself as an artist that uses make-up, rather than a make-up artist”.
So is Alex ever tempted to go back to her artistic roots? The answer is yes and no, she has been asked by a footwear company to design shoes, but was unable to reveal any more at this stage, and has also been in talks with designer Meadham Kirchoff. However, she admits there are still more design houses she’d love to work with at during fashion week, “I would love to do Lanvin and McQueen, as well as Givenchy. I love the old fashion houses and think I’d be able to bring something new to them”…
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By Belinda Chun
Published: April 19, 2012

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