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Gallery House
Gottfried Helnwein - The Murmur of the Innocent 11
Image Above: Murmur of the Innocents 11, 67" X 98.5" mixed media, oil & acrylic on canvas

Highly anticipated, after 1 year of waiting for some original works from Gottfried we are proud to announce that we have his works on display for the first time in Canada. Standing in front of the work we are left amazed at the emotions it draws.  It is quite a sight to see... many people passing by in the mornings and evenings peer into the gallery and upon walking into the space are left mesmerized, restraining themselves from reaching out to touch it --thinking at first that it's a photograph then taking a double take realizing it is oil and acrylic on canvas.

Recently Gottfried's work "Mouse III" from 2001, 94" x 63"  sold for € 110,000 at the Dorotheum Auction House in Vienna and this past weekend the doors opened for the Retrospective Show of Helnwein at Albertina Museum Vienna.  On view till August 25th 2013.  In 2012 Helnwein had a Solo Show in the Museo Nacional de San Carlos, Mexico City Solo Show at Hilario Galguera, Mexico City along with the Annual Show “Miles to go before I sleep” (Group) Gallery House, Toronto Canada and a Solo show with Friedman Benda Gallery, New York.  Upcoming Helnwein is preparing for a Solo Show at Daelim Contemporary Museum Seoul, Korea.

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Brian RIcher


The new work of Brian Richer's "Marble with Florescent Tube" along with Ray Caesar will be traveling to the East Hamptons, New York and included in Vered's "Annual Art of the Edge" exhibition opening mid July 2013. This “must-see” summer exhibition is an annual survey of New Contemporary Art featuring the most provocative new painters, sculptors and photographers working in their respective mediums today.
Double Solo Show Anita Kunz - Ray Caesar


Upcoming, February 2014 we are excited to announce Anita Kunz and Ray Caesar has been selected to exhibit together in a double solo show in Rome, Italy at the Dorthy Circus Gallery. There will be a special curated exhibition of the two including some new works from both artists.
Joe Fenton

Joe Fenton Featured in My Modern Met, Juxtapoz and the
Daily Mail UK

Joe Fenton has been sweeping up the press. This London based artist works predominately in monochrome. His works are produced using graphite, ink and acrylics on paper.
Fenton's works are meticulously drawn; at a quick glance though the work as a whole is symmetrical it's far from it. Within each segment there is an impossible amount of detail -- the characters spring forward on various planes calling upon Hieronymus Bosch like figures that are gangly and
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Corey Helford Circa Gallery

Ray Caesar Retrospective at Corey Helford Gallery - CIRCA

Ray Caesar's latest retrospective show at Circa Gallery garnered a lot of attention. With seven new works and over 30 works in the show including 2 released Printers Proof from Ray's personal estate -- the highly sought after, Bride Study and Monday's Child.

It was a show that was not to be missed as the curated works touched upon each of the years since he began exhibiting.

Caesars work was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 18, Arrested Motion, Platinum Cheese, Wooden Leg and numerous blogs.
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William A. Ewing Visits Gallery House for a private showing.

Bill Ewing is a noted curator and currently works for the Aperture Foundation, Foundation of the Exhibition of Photography, Positive View Foundation and is the Director of Curatorial projects for the international publication house Thames and Hudson. Curated exhibitions include such notable institutions and galleries such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Centre Georges Pompidou, the International Center of Photography, Serpentine Gallery, and the Musée de l'Elysée (Lausanne).
Anita Kunz

Anita Kunz Featured in BIZZARE.

Anita Kunz was recently interviewed in BIZZARE online magazine detailing what a specific work is about, what's important to her and more.

Kunz has been garnering a lot of attention from Toronto collectors and has been picked up by many blogs over the past few months as she prepares for her big show in Rome, Italy next year.

To read the full interview and find out what this Canadian was honored by recently and what her first name could have been-- click here!
Gottfried Helnwein

Ray Caesar Group Show "Pretty Girls" at Above Second in
Hong Kong

A number of clients from Asia have not been able to view a collection of Caesar's works in person and for the first time ever we are showcasing works at Above Second, Hong Kong China which is our 8th country in the world. Above Second Gallery is located in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong and their mission is to promote and nurture the understanding of an alternative subculture, challenge and captivate the audience.
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Brian Richer

Brian Richer covered by Gia on the move

Pope Joan was a legendary female Pope who allegedly reigned for a few years some time during the Middle Ages. The story first appeared in 13th-century chronicles, and was subsequently embellished throughout Europe. With works such as the Pope Joan Chair that plays on humour, artist Brian Richer is now making waves in the art world.

Richer's works blurs the line between the practicality of engineering on one hand, and the indulgence of fine art on the other.

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Spring Exhibition

Gallery House Spring Exhibition
Featuring: Ray Caesar, Joe Fenton, Catherine Howe (guest), Anita Kunz & Brian Richer.

This show featured works from Catherine Howe's “Recent Paintings & Unique Prints from the Proserpina Series”,
and new works from Ray Caesar & Brian Richer--whose 3000 lb. marble sculpture is still on exhibition at Gallery House. The show received press from Living Culture Toronto along with numerous blog sites.
Power Ball TIckets

Power Ball Tickets Available at Gallery House June 6 2013

Highlights include: VIP party overlooks the main party (in the pond), in-and-out privileges and Thunderhorse--never seen in Canada. The past 3 yrs tickets sold out so buy early!
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